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Adidas アディダス

Predator 20 Hybrid PROMO URG1.0 FP7901

Predator 20 Hybrid PROMO URG1.0 FP7901

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glove spec

Maker Adidas adidas

Type Predator 20.1 promo URG1.0 hybrid
#My Feet Keeper Gloves
#Not released in Japan

Price 16999 yen Free shipping

Accessory box

condition new goods unused

Convenience store pick-up and time-specified delivery are possible. Feel free to comment.

All of the spikes we sell here are genuine, but in the unlikely event that they are fake, we will give you a full refund.

We provide appropriate advice to raise the level of soccer players, but we may refuse to sell spikes (soles, sizes, etc.) that do not fit the feet or are negative for the player. Please note.

Thank you.

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