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BMZ ビーエムゼット



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Manufacturer BMZ #My Foot BMZ Insoles

Series Ashitore Ashitore

It will be a big hit product for training while training.
Training is possible just by putting insoles in the shoes.
It is an insole that trains the arch of the arch with a cushioning material called force pad that is not found in other companies.

We have all stocks of all sizes of Acitore. We are looking forward to your special request.

Size 21.0~29.0

Weight 2.5g

2.2mm thick

List price 2750 yen Free shipping Since it is a contract with an authorized dealer, we cannot reduce the price.

You can order unlimited quantities.
I will ask about the size in the transaction message.

Recommended type

Training Shoes Futsal Shoes Soccer Spike Sneakers

how to use

1 Prepare the spikes for which you want to use the BMZ insoles, and take out the insoles that are pre-installed in the spikes.
2 Place the removed insole on top of the BMZ insole.
3 Firmly align the heel part in the overlapping state and copy the shape of the toe.
4 Cut the toe part of the BMZ insole along the copied line with scissors.
5 Insert the BMZ insole with the toe part cut off into the shoe.

About BMZ insoles

BMZ insoles are used by many athletes, including professional soccer players and professional baseball players.

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