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BMZ ビーエムゼット

CCLP Smart Fit

CCLP Smart Fit

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Manufacturer BMZ #My Foot BMZ Insoles

Series Calpower Smart Fit

Size 22.0-32.0

Weight 34g

3.2mm thick

The true value of BMZ insoles The strong point is to create stability such as dribbling and kicking.

List price 4950 yen Free shipping Since it is a contract with an authorized dealer, the price cannot be reduced.

You can order unlimited quantity.

My foot shop owner personal impression specs

The true value of functional insoles from BMZ. CCLP support demonstrates stability and smoothness of center of gravity movement when dribbling.

Since EVA material is used, it is recommended for those who are prone to having their feet pulled extremely with grip socks.

Agility ★★★★☆

Fit ★★★★★

Speed ​​★★☆☆☆

resilience ★★☆☆☆

Breathability ★★★★☆

Free cutting is available.

Please place an order with "No selection" other than the desired option.

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